Panic Button

Pushing the ‘Panic' button will send an alert as well as the beneficiary’s location details to a call centre agent, who will then dispatch emergency assistance. Beneficiary location sharing must be activated on their mobile phone. The service is subject to mobile connectivity.


Incident & Recovery Assistance

Should the beneficiary be stranded due to their bicycle being rendered immobile as a result of an accident, puncture or mechanical problem, they will be assisted by our incident/case managers to ensure that the correct assistance is promptly provided. The bicycle will be collected and delivered to the beneficiary’s home. The beneficiary’s will also be transported.

Security Advisory

In the event of the beneficiary’s involvement in a security emergency while cycling, the call centre consultant will arrange for the most appropriate security assistance to be dispatched. Assistance will be provided on a best effort basis (if the beneficiary is accessible by road).


Medical Advice and Information Hotline

Beneficiaries have access to medical advice, information, medical practitioners and facilities. The beneficiary will be guided through any medical crisis situation and be provided with emergency advice which also includes referrals to doctors and clinics/hospitals in the area. Should the beneficiary be transported to a hospital, their medical aid will be notified to ensure that the necessary GOP’s are in place and the relevant authorisation is received by the time the patient arrives.

Medical personnel are available 24-hours a day to provide general medical information.


Primary Medical Response & Medical Transportation

In the event of the beneficiary’s involvement in a medical emergency due to a fall or accident while cycling, the call centre consultant will arrange the most appropriate method of emergency medical transportation. The beneficiary will be transported to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care.

Trip Monitor & Relay of urgent Messages

The beneficiary can be monitored for short and long distances at requested intervals for reassurance that they will reach their destination safely.

In the event of an incident, the call centre consultant will notify the beneficiary’s next of kin.



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